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 Handheld Quake 
 Calculators 3000 

 Media Base 
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 Archivarius 3000 
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Here you can download latest version of the Emulator 3000, Handheld Quake, Calculators 3000, Media Base, Polyglot 3000, Archivarius 3000 and Document Defragmenter.
At this moment these programmes are available:

  • Emulator 3000 [Version 6.1 from 04.03.2004]
  • Handheld Quake [Version 7.0 from 08.12.2012]
  • Calculators 3000 [Version 6.2 from 23.09.2012]
  • Media Base [Version 1.7 from 30.06.2004]
  • Polyglot 3000 [Version 1.6 from 05.11.2005]
  • Archivarius 3000 [Version 3.22 from 16.07.2005]
  • Document Defragmenter [Version 1.3 from 18.05.2005]
Volunteers needed to translate Emulator 3000, Handheld Quake, Calculators 3000, Media Base, Polyglot 3000, Archivarius 3000 and Document Defragmenter programmes into yet unsupported languages such as French, Portuguese, Greek and any others that aren't in the list. If you can do that, please contact Eugene Troitskiy (eugeneprogrammer !@! I'll send you text files for translating into your language and add your name into the hall of fame (if you want).
Already supported languages: English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Ukrainian.

Emulator 3000 overview

Emulator 3000 (aka E3000) is an emulator of russian and foreign computers like Mikrosha, Vector-06C, Pyldin-601 and others.

Handheld Quake overview

Handheld Quake (aka HQ) is a simulator of soviet and Nintendo electronic games like IM-04 Merry Cook, FP-24 Chef, IM-03 Mysteries of the ocean and others.

Calculators 3000 overview

Calculators 3000 (aka C3000) is an emulator and simulator of soviet calculators like B3-34, MK-61, MK-52 and others.

Media Base overview

Media Base (aka MB) is a disk cataloguer programme.

Polyglot 3000 overview

Polyglot 3000 (aka P3000) is a language recognition tool that can automaticaly recognize language of some text, phrase or even single word (if possible). It is support more than 400 languages and can work with Unicode texts.

Archivarius 3000 overview

Archivarius 3000 (aka A3000) is a document searcher programme that can find documents by your query very quick. It is support Russian, English, German, Ukrainian and Belarusian morphology, this means that programme will search for all word forms.

Document Defragmenter overview

Document Defragmenter is a tool for compressing compound document files like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio and many other popular document formats.